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Solar Powered Well Pump Systems

RPS Solar Well Pump Systems are for people that appreciate quality and value. Designed to aerospace standards, yet affordable. Easy to install. Zero maintenance. Zero energy costs. Quality you can trust for years and years to come.

Power & Quality

Up to 6000 gallons per day. Up to 600 feet deep. Highest Efficiency Submersible Pumps. Best Cost-to-GPD ratio (gallons per day) in the industry! All with an 100% Money Back Guarantee and Industry-leading 2 year Warranty!

Everything you need!

RPS offers the most complete solar kits in the industry in 3 sizes. Everything is in the box. No trips to the hardware store needed! Easy-to-follow manual and 7-day-a-week phone support.

24 / 7 If Needed

Planning for remote cabin or evening irrigation? You don't need the grid anymore. All of the RPS Solar Pump Kits can be optionally set to automatically switch over to deep-cycle batteries at night for water pressure 24 hours a day!

Words from our Customers...

Replace Windmills

"I have replaced 3 windmill pumps with these RPS systems and I don't have to worry about them no more. Been working for almost 2 years."
- John R, TX

Be Prepared

"We like to be prepared. If SHTF and the Grid goes down I want to be able to get water. I've got the 1.3 system stored in a Faraday cage if I need it."
- SW, Idaho


"My husband has this thing hooked up to my garden tank. It keeps it full all summer so I can run all my drip irrigation to garden beds. Very cool. "
- Sandy L, AZ

Household Water

"We installed this with my inlaws. Easy install. We added a 12v booster pump to run water up to our kitchen, washer and bathroom. Nice to have the extra panels too. "
- Erica H, CA