RPS has become the USA’s Most Trusted name in Solar Pumping. Now with RPS offices in 7 States (soon 8, see stars on map) AND RPS pumps in 50 States.

We are constantly impressed by the skills and grit of the American rancher. Over 90% of our customers install their solar pumps themselves without a hitch. This is a testament to the rural do-it-yourself attitude, but also our company’s commitment to making our systems easier and easier to install year after year. With a detailed all-color User Manual walking you through planning and installation step-by-step and dedicated engineers by the phones to answer questions as they come. All examples of our steadfast commitment to our customers and the humans, plants and animals our pumps serve.

We are proudly an American family owned and operated business guided by these principles:

1) Be a company our Grandfathers would have trusted. The trend of ‘outsourcing’ customer support after the sale is a trend we wholeheartedly oppose. We are an American, family run company and our USA engineers that support you before and after the sale are the best there are. Most of our customers come from word-of-mouth, a result of treating customers with respect before and after the sale.

2) No sales pressure. Ever. Nobody in the company is paid on commission. We think this is important. Their role is to make sure they find the right pump for you and your well. If we don’t have a pump that will suit your needs, we will help you find a solution elsewhere. Our job is to help get you water, not sell you something that isn’t a good fit.

3) Steady Water! All manufactured products have occasional issues and we can’t claim to be perfect. However, we are proud of a near perfect track record in getting our customers water. This starts with selling you a pump sized for your usage and addressing any issues (though rare) immediately by replacing parts under warranty with free express shipping, so you can get up and pumping again quickly.

4) Give you the power! When you control your ability to pump water out of the ground, whether that is in the field or at home, it makes you more resilient. Not relying on the grid makes you more independent. We are here to help educate you about solar water pumping and our systems, so you can install yourself and have the ability to pump water anywhere on earth. We are here to help you take control over your water supply.

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