We are a family business founded on providing high-quality systems for rural environments. We have an assortment of products ranging from mounting kits to solar pumps. Some are developed and manufactured in-house, while others are manufactured under contract. We work directly with the product manufacturers to ensure the highest possible quality at the lowest price.

We only sell products that we are willing to put our name behind. This is how we can offer our industry-leading 100% money-back guarantee and multi-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

We are a customer-focused company with the goal of providing education and knowledge to empower the consumer. We are known for our excellent customer service and post-sales support. By following our do-it-yourself guides, you’ll avoid paying thousands of dollars on installation. We believe the best way to serve the customer is threefold:

1. Offer great products that we use ourselves and are willing to stand behind.
2. Provide first-rate customer service by answering any questions and working with the customer to resolve any issues. No matter how big or small of a project, we are here to help.
3. Empower customers with knowledge to make informed purchases and install systems with easy-to-follow instructions for “do-it-yourselfers.”


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