Had a very hard picking between the medium size system the larger RPS2.1-100 and I am glad I went with the larger system. It took a bit of time to mount the 8 solar panels, but after that everything was easy to hookup. Overall I think I sleep better knowing I have more pumping volume than needed for my cattle.
As a side note, I could not find a better price online for a system of similar performance. Not sure how they do it, but they do
Greg K, Spring 2015

Bought this system for my husband for his birthday two months ago. I was not sure if he would like it, but he does! I don’t know a whole lot about it, but after he set it up and made me go out a look at it, I must have got luck in my choice. Everything seemed to be running. Thank you rural power systems for making my gift a success.
Claire E, Winter 2014

Actually purchased this pump system to replace a broken down windmill. I ended up buying it with the solar panels on the site, as I didn’t want to deal with trying to find solar panels that work. Took my son and me two weekends to complete the install. Think I could do it in about 4 hours next time. Got a little mixed up when it came time to hookup the panels, but I gave them a call and Mike stayed on the phone with me as I hooked them up. Wanted to write this review due to the extra help they provided.
Cows have water and are happy, so I am happy.
James K, Spring 2014 

What can I say? I am impressed. I purchased this pump a few months ago and after being asked to provide a review, how could I say no? After reviewing the pump on the website, I contact them through email as I had a few more questions.

They were very responsive and answered all of my questions right away. I decided to place my order over the phone, so I gave them a call. They were very helpful and were familiar with my previous emails. The system arrived 4 days later in three large boxes. Great! No problems at all and I set them up right away in my living room, to see how everything goes together. (And yes, my wife is used to this by now due to all of my projects.)

I was impressed by the quality of the system and ease at which everything can be hooked up. The next available weekend, I setup the system in our well with 80 feet of head and wow. I still can’t believe I can produce over 4 gallons per minute! Goodbye gas generator.

Frank S, Winter 2014

Product was used to pump water from a well to a spring fed pond. Didn’t need much flow rate so this worked out great. Pond used to dry up in the summer, but now stays all year long. Would have cost me too much to run power to the area, so this was a good solution.
Paul M, Spring 2014

Purchased this system on a recommendation from a neighbor of mine. Have to say I am very happy with it. Shipping time was a bit longer than I would have liked, due to the large packages, but it was worth the wait. Everything was packaged very well, which was a concern of mine due to the glass in the solar panels.
Setup could not have been easier. There is an installation manual provided, but due to how simple the system is I could have probably put it together without. Been pumping water for about 3 weeks now without any issues. I will update my review if I run into any issues, but none so far.
Update 1:
It has been 3 months now and still running strong! Thank you for a great system.
Update 2:
Mike asked me to provide an update to my review after a year. I purchased over a year ago and everything has been working as expected. No issues, no regrets.
Fred J, Winter 2013

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