RPS Solar Pumps “Time Is Money” Turnkey Kit for Quicker & Easier Installs


Short on time? In a remote area without access to a hardware store? Get everything you need to install an RPS Solar Pump right to your doorstep. US Record holder: 1hr 7min from opening boxes to pumping water. CS, Missouri

Tools & Equipment you’ll still need on hand for the quick install:
Wire stripper/crimper
Flat and Phillips Screwdriver
Lighter or heatgun for heatshrinks, heating poly pipe for tighter hose clamps
2-3/8″ OD steel pipe – for RPS 200 …or 4.5″ OD steel pipe – RPS 400, 400V, 400N) or 2x 4.5″ OD steel pipes for RPS 800, 800V
Small socket set as it helps get hose clamps tighter
Bag(s) of cement for post holes and something to dig them!
4′ or 8′ 5/8″ Grounding rod (not vital on install day, but encouraged)
Simple Multimeter for testing DC voltages

Comparison Table
RPS Standard Systems vs. Turnkey Kits

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