What is the RPS Pro Installer Program?
Our new win-win partnership program designed for the country’s best well contractors, windmill installers, drillers, pump pros, plumbers, GCs, electricians, and jacks-of-all-trades. We are looking for industry leaders and go-getters alike to grow and profit together as the solar water pumping industry skyrockets.

More Profits
Our rock-bottom wholesale pricing leaves you with more room for profit margin on the sale and installation of RPS Solar Well Pump Systems.
Easier Installations
Everything you need for a quick install comes standard in the box. No more wasting time and money searching for parts, wire, crimps, sensors.
Reliability / Durability
Industry-best warranties and proven performance track records have made RPS #1. Have peace of mind that you are installing the best systems for your customers.
Support / Service
Our team of engineers is available to you by phone, text or email any time for questions before and during install. Industry leading shipping times on replacement parts.

Why RPS?
RPS has quietly become #1 in Customer-Installed Solar Well Pump Systems in USA. RPS has raised the bar in build-quality, technology, ease-of-installation and customer support. All this while maintaining low prices that our do-it-yourself customers appreciate for their livestock, irrigation, ponds and off-grid cabins.

Other Great Benefits
-Referrals from us for installations in your area
-Wholesale Pricing Discounts on kits and pumps
-Discounts on pre-cut wire, solar panels & mounts
-Premier support from our engineers via phone, text & email
-Comprehensive installation manuals and videos
-An 'RPS Pro’ seal for your website

How do I become an RPS Pro Installer?
It’s free. Just fill out the form below to apply.

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