RapidReplace™ has become an immensely popular program, improved again in 2024. If warranty return of a part is deemed necessary after troubleshooting over phone/text/email with our all-local RPS engineering team, then at no cost to you we will ship the replacement part immediately along with a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the defective part.

Head to head vs. our two largest competitors, RPS warranty service in 2024 averaged almost 12 days less downtime for a warranty issue!

We understand that time is money and we design great products with incredible low failure rates. But when issues arise, we understand that acting fast to take care of customers can mean life and death for plants, animals and humans.

Most companies ask you to send back parts at your own time and expense for warranty assessment then keep you waiting for weeks for a verdict from their warranty claims department. This is a terrible experience and we think our customers deserve better.

* With recurring issues or abuse, RPS does reserve the right to request previous parts be returned before new parts are shipped.