NOTE: Designed for busy ranch owners and ranch managers of larger ranches.

Managing a cattle ranch is harder work than most people will ever understand.

Your families and your animals are counting on you. Among your countless jobs is providing your cattle drinking water, no matter how remote the pasture. Old wells, leaking tanks, broken pumps, busted windmills, water hauling, gas thirsty generators – the list goes on.

The RPS Ranch Water Advisors™ program gives you a dedicated teammate to help make sure there is always water where it needs to be. Our Advisors are long-time pump specialists knowledgeable in Solar and AC Pumps, Water Systems and Troubleshooting. Your dedicated Advisor keeps detailed record of each pump and tank site, helps calculate head loss and water needs, and is there to help in emergencies. Something that will give you a little more peace of mind each day that you are doing everything you can to support the animals that rely on you.

Your RPS Ranch Water Advisor will provide..
– A personalized Ranch Water Map (see below) of each solar pump and tank site on your ranch accessible to you & your team.
– Easy to visit on both phones, tablets and computers
– Custom Elevation Profiles for determining distances, vertical gains and head loss for sizing new pumps
– 25% off Turnkey Kits to ensure you have the right tools for the job each install
– Duplicate Field Guides and User Manuals for your team
– Priority Support from our Engineers, Tech Support vis Text Message & Express Shipping when needed


And it’s FREE for qualifying ranches when you purchase your first 4x pallet of RPS Solar Pumps for your ranch. Fill out the form below to schedule your free Ranch Water Survey with one of our Advisors.

Simplified Ranch Water Map (example)

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