Solar Panel Mounting On Steel Pipes

6+ Solar Panel Mounting Using Parts from Home Depot!

4x 1 1/2” Posts bedded like fence posts in cement

2x 1-1/2″ Cross beam pipes 10ft lengths welded to pipe posts

4x Post-Top Tees for 1-1/2 posts/beams

4x to 8x Struts 10ft lengths clamped to beams with clamps

8x to 16x Strut Pipe Clamps

Bolts, nuts, washers to affix solar panels to struts

   4x 1/4″-20 3/4″ Bolts Per Panel

   4x 1/4″ Nuts Per Panel

   4x 1/4″ ID Washers Per Panel

Grounding rodclampwire