How far can my solar array be from my house?

Your solar array can be placed anywhere on the property as long as it receives full sun and the solar panels are faced due south. If your well is next to the house but an open patch of sun for the panels is a few hundred feet away, not a problem. We’ll just make sure to size your wire gauge appropriately so the system doesn’t experience any inefficiencies from voltage drop across that longer distance. Up to 250-300 feet between panels and pump, use 12 gauge submersible wire. For distances further than 300 feet, upgrade to 10 gauge wire. If you’re interested in calculating for a custom distance (we’ve sized for 1,000+ feet before!), we recommend this voltage drop calculator While going further distances between panels and pump is possible, RPS always encourages customers to trim trees and clear brush in an area that’s in a closer spot rather than upgrade COPPER wire. Copper wire is expensive, about $1 -$1.50 per foot depending on the gauge and projects can become priceier than expected quickly. RPS carries 12 gauge submersible wire in our Turnkey Kits and can substitute 10 gauge if needed.

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