Which is the best solar inverter for home?


The RPS Watersecure inverter is the best choice for Off-Grid living that can also provide power for any 110V or 220V water pump on the property. Just like your favorite gas powered generator is rated in watts, the WaterSecureTM uses a 3,000 watt, 6,000 watt, or 12,000 watt solar generator in the main control box. The controller makes DC power from sunlight and transforms it into AC 110/220V power, the same power you would get from the electric company! Plus, power household appliances like internet routers, coffee makers, lights, TV’s, home health equipment, fans, fridges*, freezers*, laundry machines* and AC units*.*Only compatible with WS-6K or WS-12K Kit Power is stored in batteries until needed. More batteries means more storage, and more solar panels equates to faster recharge of batteries. Start with a quiz on which Watersecure would work best for your off grid living needs
Sizing depends on the HP of your pump and power requirements of other appliances.

Watersecure Kits are EXPANDABLE, meaning you can start with a couple of batteries and panels and purchase more at a later time as your needs change.
Choose from NINE System Variants… Battery Bank: 24V(3K) or 48V(6K &12K)
Solar Panels: 600W(3K), 800W, 1,200W, 1,600W, 2,400W
Sizing depends on the HP of your pump and power requirements of other appliances.

All WaterSecureTM kits contain:
RPS 100W or 320W Rugged Aluminum Framed Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
Solar Wires (2 x 50ft)
DC Cut-off Switch
3K, 6K or 12K Watersecure Inverter/Charger Plug+Wiring for AC or 220V Generator backup (3 feet) Battery Wiring and Jumpers (2.5 feet)
Deep Cycle GEL 12V Batteries
NEMA L14-30 Plug for quick install
Detailed Full-Color Installation Manual
2 Year Comprehensive Warranty
Phone/Email/Text Support from Friendly USA based RPS engineers

As more power hungry appliances are plugged in at the same time, a larger Watersecure like a 6K or 12K is needed to handle the spike in power (Watts) upon startup. For example, if a water pump, AC unit and freezer were to simultaneously turn on, their operation requires an adequate surge rating that does not exceed the power output of the controller, see page 15. All of our Watersecure models can support double their inverter rating for up to 10 seconds, for example a WS-6K supports 12,000W. That’s why a 6K and 12K may provide similar overall runtimes, but the 12K is the necessary choice to ensure that you aren’t overwhelming the system with multiple, large appliances.

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