A note for business-minded customers from our owners.

Many of our customers are business owners, owner operators, farms, ranches, cattle companies, and so many others. We don’t have to tell you that running a business is hard. Entrepreneurship starts with working hard ourselves, grueling hours and long nights – our own blood, sweat, and tears. If we get the right blend of work (and sometimes luck!), we attract more business and more customers. When there are more customers than time, challenges emerge. How do we support our existing customers while continuing to find new ones to secure a healthy future as a company. This is the pivotal moment where great companies diverge from flash-in-the-pan ones. These are the options we have seen..

1. Invest in supporting existing customers, whatever it takes to keep promises and happy customers
2. Focus only on getting new customers and break promises with existing ones, don’t return calls and leave them high and dry

Sadly in the world of solar pumping there have been lots of these companies that have done #2. They have come and gone leaving hundreds of customers feeling burned. They have sold low quality solar pumps locally, on craigslist, facebook, ebay, amazon – at unsustainably low margins. As soon as the calls from customers pile up, they close up shop. Everyone that ever purchased from them is without support, warranty, parts – and understandably irate with an expensive paperweight and no water. We get calls from these people every day. Occasionally we can repurpose a broken system’s solar panels to save some money on a replacement, but it’s still an expensive lesson to learn. Don’t make the same mistake. As our grandfathers taught us, if a price looks too good to be true, it usually is.

RPS Solar Pumps has honored every promise in our now 9 years in business. With all our original equipment still out there running, those customers also continue to get our friendly team on the phone if they ever need support. New customers get the highest level of troubleshooting and warranty support based on those years and years of experience – with an entire engineering team here in the US dedicated to helping DIY customers of all ability levels. You’ll read about our pledge to be a company our grandfathers would have trusted. Everything we do has that goal in mind. We are committed to serving you and your future generations for decades to come. Thank you for the opportunity.

Call our friendly team to truly understand the difference in working with RPS.

ps. After seeing a third company “go under” recently (and us now helping their customers) we were asked where we fell in a few different categories – how we compare to other competitors in the solar pump market. So we made a few histograms to demonstrate where you’ll find RPS falls against others in the industry. Call if you have any questions. We relish the opportunity to demonstrate why so many customers trust RPS.