Extending your Pump Wire – Wire Choice and Splicing

Your pump will arrive with 6’ of cable attached. You’ll need to extend this according to your water level and installation design by splicing on a custom length of additional pump wire. To do this, use 3-strand submersible wire of at least 12 gauge. The distance between the pump and the controller will dictate the wire gauge required. In general, a larger wire diameter will ensure maximum performance:

For up to 200’ between the pump and controller, use 12-gauge, 3-strand wire
For distances greater than 200’, optional use of 10-gauge, 3-strand wire but 12-3 is most common. 

Use the provided splice kit with adhesive-lined heat-shrink tubing to connect your pump cable extension. Your pump comes with butt crimps pre-attached for ease of connection; we also provide 3 larger diameter butt crimps in your kit for splicing 10 gauge wire if needed. If you don’t have a heat gun to shrink the tubing, you can use a butane lighter, but make sure not to melt the insulation or set it on re. You can also use a lighter, but be extremely careful not to overheat and melt the heat-shrinks.

Complete the table above to keep track of which wire is which when making the extension. This will enable you to properly connect the pump wires to the controller terminal in Step 3 and will make your life a lot easier!

Do I need to connect all three submersible pump wires u, v and w? (Labeled 1, 2, 3 on all 2018 pumps)
This is not a 2 wire DC, 3 phase pump so it needs all 3 phases.

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