Tools you need for your Solar Pump install

Equipment needed for installation

We include the all universal parts necessary for pump installation in your kit. But because everyone’s well and landscape are a little bit different, there are certain components that you’ll need to bring to the installation that we cannot practically provide. We do offer a ‘ Turnkey Kit’ in two sizes (100’ and 200’) on our website, which includes these additional items already assembled and packed together. This can be very convenient if you live a long way from a hardware store or are short on time. We love the DIY spirit of our customers and we’ll help you with whatever solution works best for you!

Here’s a list of the tools you’ll want to have on hand during installation:
Wire stripper/crimper
Screwdrivers (Flat and Phillips head)
Electrical tape (for attaching wire to drop pipe)
Teflon tape for tight thread connections (recommended)
Two adjustable wrenches
Heat gun or torch for heat-shrink sleeves
Multimeter (highly recommended)
Large bucket or barrel with water for testing the system (recommended)

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