3 Reasons it’s easier now than ever to install your own Submersible Solar Well Pump

It’s easier than ever before to install your own well pump! It used to be that you had to pay top dollar to hire a pump contractor to install a submersible pump, but now with flexible poly pipe, lighter motors, and easy-to-assemble kits, it’s simple for you to install a solar pump yourself and save a bunch of money. Here are 3 reasons it’s now easier than ever!

#1 Flexible Poly Pipe

The magic of poly pipe is that it can be hose clamped to your pump and DIY installed easily by one or two people depending on the depth of well; it’s lighter, can be dropped by hand, and doesn’t corrode in your well. It gives you total control. Traditionally well pumps have been installed with rigid pipe, galvanized steel then PVC. The down side of both kinds of rigid pipe is that most of the time, a well owner will need a pro with a boom truck to pull or drop their pump, leaving them beholden to a contractor to help them.

#2 Helical & Brushless

More efficient pumping mechanisms and permanent magnet brushless motors mean you can pack more power into a more compact, lighter stainless barrel. Brushless motors can be up to 20% more efficient and helical positive displacement pump ends can keep water flowing almost twice as long per day. A smaller more efficient pump means it is a lot easier for you to drop it down the well yourself.

#3 DIY Success Team™

Before RPS you had to decide between flying blind into a DIY project with none of the tools or know-how necessary, or overpaying for an expensive solar pump marked up and installed by a local contractor. But now with RPS’s DIY Success Team™ you can save thousands without the uncertainty of success and our 100% Water Assurance Guarantee. Thousands of happy customers of all abilities that have taken on a DIY solar pump project totally new to them, and successfully installed with the help of our DIY Success Team. Everyone that fills out the online sizing wizard with their phone number, gets assigned a personalized team, starting with a Pump Sizing Specialist to collaborate on sizing a pump for their project and specific needs. Start Here

Or if you prefer, just give us a call to get a personal Pump Specialist today!

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