Pipe Sizes & Diameters for Well Pump Plumbing – PVC vs. Poly Pipe

Poly pipe is fast becoming the most common and efficient way to install a submersible well pump, and knowing about poly pipe sizes is important. With most well depths up to 350′ the 160psi HDPE Black Poly Pipe shown below in green is the top choice for well pumps and solar well pumps. It’s also the rating of the pipe included in RPS “Turnkey” kits.

All Pipe listed here for potable water, passes NSF Standards 14 and 61.

SDR stands for “Standard Diameter Ratio” which is the outside diameter divided by the wall thickness. …
SIDR stands for Standard Inside Diameter Ratio” which is the inside diameter divided by the wall thickness. The higher the number, the thinner the wall thickness.

In CTS, tube dimensions are specified by an exact OD and a tube wall thickness, calculated into a SDR.
In IPS, pipe dimensions are defined by a nominal OD (which is different from the measured or actual OD) and a “schedule” or SIDR that relates to pipe wall thickness.

Note our turnkey kit is available in multiple poly pipe sizes

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