Faux PVC Well in River to Drip Lines with Irrigation Timer


Got a ditch, river or creek that could be used for irrigation instead of drilling a new well? In this example, a piece of perforated PVC (A) is placed in the creek to simulate a well casing. Slide the submersible pump into the PVC(C), using a low water sensor is optional but highly recommended if the water body depth fluctuates. The submersible pump can provide pressurized water for drip lines up to 20 psi without the help of a pressure tank. You have three options for use, the first is manually turning the pump on or off when you want to water using the switch on the underside of our controller. The second, allowing the pump to turn on whenever there is sun and continue to run until there isn’t sun available. Our pumps are rated for continuous duty, there isn’t a danger of overheating or harming the pump with this option. The third, is to use a reverse action pressure switch and irrigation timer (B) to turn the pump on for a pre-programmed amount of time during the day. A reverse action pressure switch senses whether the irrigation timer is opening or closing the line. For example, if the irrigation timer has been programmed to turn on at 11AM it opens a valve to the drip lines and the reverse action pressure switch senses a decrease in line pressure and tells the pump to turn on. Because you have programmed the irrigation timer to only water for two hours total, at 2PM a valve inside the irrigation timer close, line pressure spikes and the reverse action pressure switch sends a signal to turn the pump off. As you can see, the reverse action pressure switch is hardwired and connected to the charge controller by two 18 gauge wires.

Looking for an Irrigation Timer?

We have some very basic irrigation timers that get the job done if you only need a once-a-day watering. If you need a more advanced program(i.e. selecting a few days out of the week to water and not others, multiple watering times per day) we suggest checking out your local hardware store for brands like Rainbird or Orbit.

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