Pro GB Booster Tank to Tank


Easily solve your off grid tank to tank pumping conundrum with a high head surface pump that can push water up 500 feet of vertical climb! The Pro GB Booster (A) suctions water out of a lower tank and deposits water into an upper tank. Don’t worry about pump damage if the tank empties out, run dry protection is built into our Pro Controller (B).The system will try to turn itself on again in about 30 seconds, but our engineers can increase that delay if needed.  However, if you expect long stretches of time where the tank is empty, install a float switch to shut off the pump to prevent damage. 

Since the tank is a few hundred feet away, and no one wants to trench wire that far, a pressure shut off system is used. Pressure shut off systems are comprised of the following  plumbing pieces….. 

1) A reverse action pressure switch (B) dropped into the pipeline to sense changes in pressure from the mechanical float valve. The reverse action pressure switch is still hardwired into the Pro Controller (shown underneath the solar panels).  

2) A mechanical float valve (C). If the tank fills up, the float rises and closes the pipeline, spiking line pressure and the reverse action pressure switch sends a small electrical pulse to the charge controller to turn the pump off. If the tank is emptying, the mechanical float drops to open the pipeline, line pressure releases and the reverse action pressure switch turns the pump on.



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