Powering a TPP Booster Pump on an Existing Household Battery Bank


You’ll need a existing 24V battery for this setup, that’s the only voltage the TPP controller will accept from batteries. 

Your household solar array powers up the 24V battery bank as usual using the charge controller already in place (C). The TPP charge controller connects directly to the battery bank and pulls off power when needed (B). Your household power system works the same as before, maybe you’re using an inverter like diagram depicts, or a converter. The solar booster pump acts as just another load, so be sure to calculate what your household system can accommodate. 

The Tankless Pressure Pump (A) is a pretty versatile system, this diagram depicts the pump pulling water out of a shallow well (suction less than 15’) using a foot valve, but the TPP would also work with a storage tank.

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