Powering a Submersible Pump On an Existing Household Battery Bank


An existing household solar system can be used to power an RPS solar pump, usually designed as a stand alone setup. We have kits without panels available, allowing you to run the pump off of a 24V or 48V battery bank powered by your existing solar panel array. 

24V: RPS 200 

48V: RPS 400, 800 

Our RPS charge controller (B) connects to the battery bank and runs the pump exclusively off the the battery bank power, it also prevents over discharging. The battery bank is charged by the household solar array and uses the household charge controller (C) as the main regulator. Your household power system works the same as before, maybe you’re using an inverter like diagram depicts, or a converter. The solar pump acts as just another load, so be sure to calculate what your household system can accommodate. 

This diagram depicts the solar pump connected to a pressure tank (A), view an explanation of how a solar pressure system works here. An RPS 400 or RPS 800 works best with a pressure tank. 



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