Floating Pump in a Pond, Pumping to Storage Tank with a Pressure Shut Off


Submersible pumps are for more than just wells! Our pumps can be oriented vertically or horizontally, allowing you to float a pump (C) inside a piece of  PVC pipe. Holes are drilled in the PVC, allowing an inflow of water, and the pipe is wrapped in fine mesh to filter out large organic matter. Finally, floatation devices are attached (you can use whatever is handy, we recommend cattle ball floats, or marine floats and attach them with a couple of zip ties). If a tank is far away, a pressure shut off system is used. A check valve is attached directly off the pump to help build pressure in the line and maintain prime, a reverse action pressure switch (A), senses whether the mechanical float (B) is opening or closing the line. If the mechanical float has closed the pipeline it means the tank is full and the reverse action pressure switch sends a signal to the controller to turn the pump off. If the mechanical float has dropped and the pipeline is open, the reverse action pressure switch sense the drop in line pressure and tells the pump to turn on. As you can see, the reverse action pressure switch is hardwired and connected to the charge controller by two 18 gauge wires.   



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