How Do You Upgrade A Solar WaterPump System?

Today’s question is, “How can I upgrade the output of my pump in the future after I’ve already installed the system?” So one of the great things about solar pumps is they’re very upgradeable. By adding two panels to our RPS 200, it can immediately become an RPS 400 which pretty much doubles the water production! The same thing goes for our RPS 600 up to our RPS 800.

When we go up to our next size of systems, what we call the Pro Systems, there we can add more panels. What adding more panels to those are going to do is it’s going to increase our peak pumping time. We’re going to be pumping maximum gallons per minute longer throughout the day increasing water production. Another nice thing with the Pro Controller is, up to three horsepower pumps, they all use the same Pro Controller.

That means if you need to upgrade your system to a larger horsepower, say a one horse up to a two horse or even a three horse, we can keep the same controller. We can add on solar panels and just by swapping the pump and motor we can then upgrade the system to a completely higher horsepower, significantly increasing our water production.

We’re always happy to help with all of that, so if you find once you get your system installed you need a little bit more water, give us a call! We’ll talk through various options like adding panels, swapping out the pump, swapping to a higher horsepower; whatever you need in order to get you the exact water production required.

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