How Long Does It Take To Install A Solar Pump?

Today’s question is, “How long does it take to install a solar pump?” So we like to joke around the office that the quickest install we’ve heard of was about an hour and a half, which is a super fast installation. But it was a two panel system and I think they dropped the pump to around 50 feet.

Most solar systems, I’d like to set aside around a weekend with a helper in order to install. The first day I set up the solar panels, get everything mounted, test them out make sure everything’s running right. Then with a fresh head in the morning come out and drop the pump down the well. It takes an hour or two with a helper to get it down the well and get everything seated.

Do your final wiring and then in about another hour or two I’ll have the pump up and running and pumping water. The best thing is, with a two-day installation you can do all your prep work the day before and then the day after, do your final setup. We have nice bright sun say around noon and you can fire up the system.

The most frustrating part is if you try to do it in one day. It becomes the evening before you can start testing out the system and then you’re in low light conditions. You can’t tell if you need to troubleshoot the system or whether it’s just the low light causing either low flow or no water production. By breaking it into two days, then the next day right at noon when you have great sun you can fire it up, get the system running, and make sure everything’s operating properly.

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