Solar Effluent / Dewatering Pump from Pit or Ditch with Float Switch Shut-off

Quickly pump water in an agricultural setting with our highest volume (up to 475 GPM), low head Pro Dewatering pumps – sometimes referred to as a “sewage” or “grinder” pump because of its ability to pump solids. Especially helpful when pumping from an exposed area like a canal, spring or pond that might include sticks or natural debris, as the dewatering pump will chew right through them. Other customer projects include filling ponds from a creek, pumping into high volume storage and draining flooded property.  Utilize a float switch (shown floating next to the pump) to shut off the pump if the water level drops, but the pump can run dry without damage! 220V AC from the grid or generator serves as backup with the versatile RPS  Pro Controller, which is designed to automatically switch between Solar and 220V.      

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