Solar Pumping from Livestock Well to Stock Tank

Most common livestock install in USA. Flexible black poly pipe is hose-clamped to an included stainless steel barb threaded onto the pump (C). Another threaded barb and a coupling to pass through the well seal. An elbow or tee allow for easy ‘open flow’ plumbing to the stock tank, keeping above the surface to avoid siphoning water back down the well. Without a check valve, water will drain back through pump at night making this good for cold climates. Included tank sensor turns off pump when tank is full (B), low water sensor if well runs dry (C) – both wire to controller. Solar Panels and controller are mounted and must be protected from cattle (A) somewhere south facing, ideally within 100 feet (talk to RPS Engineer if it must be more). SHOP all submersible pumps for Livestock applications on our website – we have 2″, 3″ and 3.9″ diameter pumps that can handle wells up to 1,000 feet or pump up to 225 GPM.

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