How Do You Calculate Pumping Head?

Today’s question is, “What is pump head?” So, the first portion is lift out of the well. For that, we take our static water level and then the distance up to the surface. Once we get to the surface, then it’s what we’re doing with the water.

If we’re pumping up to an elevated tank then we also get the vertical lift from the surface up to the tank and add that on to the lift out of the well. If you’re doing a pressure system, then you’re also going to add on the amount of pressure required and we’re going to convert that to feet of pumping head.

Now there’s a few more considerations: if you’re doing large volumes of water or you’re doing long runs then you want to take into account frictional loss or other factors. But don’t worry, this is all part of the sizing process.

So if you give us a call at 888-637-4493 or go to our website we have sizing tools available to help calculate your total pumping head, your volume required, and the system that’s going to work for you!

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