Are Solar Water Pumps Expensive?

Today’s question is, “Are solar pumps expensive?” And the answer is yes and no. So there is a larger upfront cost for solar pumps because we are buying the solar panels, we’re buying the controller, and we’re also purchasing batteries if that’s required for your system.

So that larger upfront cost is there because with a classic style AC pump, somebody else has already paid for all that infrastructure to power the pump. But with solar, we’re having to provide that infrastructure ourselves. So there is that larger upfront cost.

But the good news is your ongoing cost is pretty much zero. So that means there is no monthly bill. Over time, you’re saving money because you’re not having to pay that bill to the power company or anybody else to power your pump.

Plus, you can pump as much water as your solar panels produce without your bill going up and down. So you pay for that initial cost of the system, (it might be a little bit higher), but it’s very affordable with today’s technology. Then you don’t have to pay any bills going forward.

The great news is with our solar pumps, you can further save money by installing the system yourself as a DIY kit, so you can put it in over a single weekend and not have to pay installer fees.

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