How long does a solar pump last?

Our well pump system are designed for many years of operation. All of our solar well pumps have a two year warranty. If anything happens within 2 years, we will immediately send out replacement parts. All of our kits also come standard with an extra helical rotor pumping mechanism. In most cases it is not needed, however dirty or sandy wells can cause wear on the gasket. If pumping volume decreases due to wear, simply replace the gear and the pump should be back up to full production. It is very easy to replace yourself and only requires removing 3 bolts.

We like to break down each piece of the system and say solar panels are rated to maintain current efficiency for 25 years, after that efficiency a bit, but still totally useable. The solar pump itself should last between 10-20 years depending on use case and specific pump. Some customer are running the pump 24/7, 7 days a week which will shorten the observed lifetime of the system. The vast majority of our customer are using the pumps 6-8 hours per day, or intermittently, which is normal use and should result in a normal lifespan.

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