How Much Should I Budget For A Solar Pump System?


Today’s question is, “How much should I budget for a solar pump install?”

The total cost of your solar pump system is going to be very dependent on the size of the system: that’s how many gallons per minute you need to pump and your pumping head or pressure which you need a pump it. That’s going to have a large impact on the price of the system, whether you’re using our RPS 200, which is our 200 watt system or you’re going up all the way to say our Pro 5000 DX system, which is a five horsepower system that comes with 20 large solar panels and a very powerful controller. That’s all going to be dependent on your pumping head and volume needed for your project.

So depending on the amount of supplies you might already have on your ranch or farm, entry level systems are going to start around $1200 and then go up from there. You might get into, say, our Big Ag Pumps, maybe it’s a 100 horsepower pump, which costs in the low $100,000 range. In general, these are for large utility grade water projects.

One of the best things about our systems is they’re DIY. That’s do it yourself so you’re able to install the system yourself. Most people can install in a single weekend with the help of a friend, and that’s going to save you thousands of dollars versus hiring a professional installer.

Just the other day we had a person get a quote. It was a $13,000 quote. We were able to get them the exact same system for right around $6,000, saving him $7,000 in installation costs and he installed in a single weekend. It’s up and running, pumping all the water he needs.

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