Can 1 hp motor run on inverter?


A 1 HP water pump motor runs with the help of an inverter or charge controller. The inverter must be sized appropriately to handle the amount of power and voltage needed to run a 1 HP water pump.
1 HP = 750W
That means a 1 HP water pump requires at LEAST 750 watts of solar power to run, but to run effectively throughout the day a few hundred more watts should be added. Plus, an inverter always incurs a bit of efficiency power loss when transitioning power from DC to AC. RPS uses roughly 1,200 Watts to power our Pro Volume 1000V, 1 HP submersible pump, gifting customers long run times from sun up to sun down.

Using four 300W panels or twelve 100W adds up to 1,200W!

Each of those 300W panels is rated at around 34 Vmp (Voltage maximum power). For an RPS Pro system, all of the panels are wired in series. 34V x 4 = 136V total going into the inverter.

What is an inverter?
An inverter takes power from incoming DC voltage and turns the power into AC voltage. If the water pump uses AC power, then an inverter is required if you want to run the water pump using solar power (DC). Usually that inverter will also allow a backup source of power, like AC Grid or generator power, to be plugged in when solar is not available.
What is a charge controller?
Charge controllers regulate and optimize DC voltage from solar panels to send down to a DC water pump. Two types of popular charge controller technology exist, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and PWM(Pulse Width Modulation). RPS uses MPPT technology in many of our popular kits, like the RPS 200, 400 and 800. Charge controllers can stand alone for DC Solar Panel to DC Water pump systems, or end up as a part of an inverter for DC to AC water pump systems. If you want to add batteries onto any solar pump system, a charge controller is needed to regulate battery charging and discharging.

Does RPS use inverters?
Yes, for example, our Pro Volume, Deep and Mid Series of submersible pumps all use DC solar power that feeds into the RPS Pro Controller (inverter). The inverter changes incoming DC voltage into 220V AC voltage that the submersible pump accepts. RPS carries 1 HP Volume, Mid and Deep submersible pumps. Check out the 1 HP water pump options here.

What about pairing batteries?
Some of our systems like the Eco-Steady Booster, TPP. We carry 1 HP pumps in each lineup. Check out .5 HP Water pump options here

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