What types of solar pumps are there?

Today’s question is, “What type of solar pumps are available?” At RPS solar pumps, we have a solar pump for every water pumping application. We have submersible pumps that are direct drive and run off-grid. We also have submersible pumps that run on batteries, if you’re doing a type of pressurized system.

Also, a lot of customers like to pump into a storage tank. We have surface pumps, which will allow us to pressurize that water from solar to run to a bunch of stock tanks or to run to a household or cabin for pressurized water inside.

We also have larger irrigation pumps, both in submersible and surface styles. Those run anywhere from a half horsepower up to 100 horsepower (with our Big Ag pumps) for very large irrigation application. Whether you are irrigating 100 acres of alfalfa or you’re running a central pivot, we have a pump that will work for you.

We also have de-watering pumps, both that run on batteries and direct drive. Sometimes you just want to transfer a lot of water from one area on the surface to another, or you want to take care of storm water or remote application where you need batteries to operate when it’s stormy to dewater and protect that area.

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