Can You Buy A Solar Pump?

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Today’s question is, “Can you buy a solar pump?” With rising energy costs and the price it is these days to install power lines, solar water pumps are more popular than ever. With the internet, now it’s easier than ever to buy a solar water pump and install it yourself. We need to know a few basic things to help you find the right pump:

We’re going to need to know about your application and that includes your pumping head: that’s the vertical distance the water needs to travel. We’ll also need to know the volume of water you want to pump, either gallons per hour or gallons per day. With a couple of details about your specific application, it’s super easy to get a solar pump sized for your specific use case.

Once you find the perfect solar pump system for you, all you have to do is place your order either online or over the phone at 888-637-4493. The system will be shipped out straight to your door ready for an easy install!

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