How Long Does a Solar Pump Last?

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Today’s question is, “How long does a solar pump last?” This is a very common question because we do understand you’re making an investment in your farm or your property, and you want to know how long that investment is going to last.

We like to refer to our systems as Generational Systems. You install it out in your pasture and then pass it on to the next generation. We design the systems for ten years of normal usage with an average of a six hour pumping day. We try to ensure that everything’s going to last at least that long.

We also understand with any mechanical system there is the possibility of failure of parts and components. The great news is, these systems are very modular. So you’re able to replace individual components like the controller or the solar panels or the pump separately. If anything goes wrong, don’t worry, we can replace one of the parts and get your system back up and running. Today’s technologies help create a very reliable system and we expect years and years of dependable water pumping.

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