Can I Run a 220V Pump on Solar?

Today’s question is, “How can you run a standard 220 volt or 240 volt AC pump on solar?” So for running a classic AC pump on solar we have two different options.

First, we have a Pro Controller. If we have a three phase pump or if we have what’s called a three wire pump, then we’re going to be able to run that on a Pro Controller. We can run that directly off solar or we can provide AC back up. What that doesn’t provide is battery backup for pumping at night.

So if you don’t have AC, it’s going to be direct drive running at daytime only. The second option is what we have is called the WaterSecure system. Now, this WaterSecure system is more of a classic style AC inverter, and that’s going to provide the power necessary to run your pump that requires batteries.

But the good news is, with batteries, you’ll be able to pump water during the day or during the night, basically whenever you need it. So it’s great for pressurized systems when you need water pressure on demand.

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