Can A Solar Pump Be Used For Fire Suppression?

Today’s question is, “Can your solar pump system be used for fire suppression on my ranch?” There are lots of ways a solar pump system can help in areas that are prone to wildfires and there’s a magnitude of use cases there.

One story we recently heard about was a lady up in the hills who had installed our Tankless Pressure Pump System or TPP System, which has battery backup. When the wildfire came through, she was able to set a sprinkler on her house and on the property to run and use the available solar plus the battery backup. She left the sprinkler running and it actually ended up saving her house and her farm. The area all around it burned but with the sprinkler running, it was enough water to save the house!

She wrote us saying how great the system was. She even came by to show us her solar panels, which were scorched and had started to melt, but were still producing power throughout the fire. One thing you want to think of is, when we’re running directly off of solar in smoky conditions, it can reduce the amount of water being produced. In some cases, there is going to be enough water in order to continue to run your solar pump, especially if you have battery backup. If you don’t have battery backup, you should think about some water storage or other ways to let that water flow into the areas where it’s needed to help prevent the spread of wildfires.

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