Can You Get Water Pressure Without A Pressure Tank?

Today’s question is, “Can you do a pressurized water system without a large pressure tank?” So we have a system called the TPP system. That stands for the Tankless Pressure Pump.

This was designed specifically to be a solar off-grid water pressurization system. We can pump out of a storage tank, a stream, or a lake, and provide pressurized water to where it’s needed: whether it’s irrigation, sprinklers, livestock, your house, or anywhere else you would commonly used pressurized water.

The secret to this system is we have a constant pressure pump. What we actually do is adjust the speed of the motor to match the water pressure and volume required at any given time. The motor can react really quickly. If the water demand changes, it can quickly ramp up in speed or ramp down in speed to maintain constant pressure.

With that technology, we can eliminate the large pressure tank. So instead of spending $500 to $1000+ dollars on a couple of large pressure tanks, we can use our constant pressure TPP system to write pressurized water wherever it’s needed.

So with a classic pressurized system using, say an AC pump, there’s a lot of different components we’re going to have to get and piece together for a full system. So we’re gonna need the pump. That’s pretty obvious. We’re going to need a pressure tank, and sometimes we’re going to need multiple pressure tanks. So depending on our exact water usage, we may need like one 40 gallon tank. Or we may need a 100 gallon tank or multiple 100 gallon tanks in order to fulfill our needs. We need to make sure that’s sized appropriately so we don’t cycle our pump on and off too frequently with a classic AC style pump. Then we have our tank tees. We have our pressure switches. We also have over-pressurization valves. There’s a couple other things going on in the system. We need to get all that together, plumb it and get it set up to run with our AC pump.

With a tankless pressure pump, we eliminate all of that complexity. With that pump, we simply plumb it into our water source, give it power using our TPP controller and batteries, or we hook directly to AC, and it simply runs and provides pressure. From there, we can hook up a hose and a sprayer and it’s ready to run. Or we can hook it up directly to sprinklers. We can also quickly adjust the pressure. If we want more pressure, we just turn it up. And if we want less pressure, say, for drip irrigation, we can turn it down to our 20 psi and provide perfect, constant pressure to our entire irrigation system.

The most common application for a TPP system would be first and foremost off-grid living. So an off-grid cabin, a hunting cabin, a house, or if you simply want to make sure you have a constant water supply in case of power outages, then a TPP system can provide water pressure to your structure or your ranch-ette or anything else.

The second most common would be small farms and irrigation. From this, we can run either drip lines or sprinklers and water all of our plants. It’s a perfect setup for it because we can pump water into a large storage tank and then pressurize that water and send it out either to drip lines, sprinklers or anywhere else it’s needed. Like I mentioned before, we can also adjust the pressure really quickly for the output. So we can switch from a sprinkler to drip irrigation with a couple of pushes of a button.

The third most common would be livestock waterers. So we can take the central tank, we can fill that up with a solar pump and then we can put our TPP system there. From there it’s like a classic water system. We can run our pipes out to our various tanks or livestock troughs and use classic float valves to keep them full. The TPP is going to kick on any time the livestock drink from those tanks, draw it down, and then it’s going to start to fill them up.

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