Can You Buy A Solar Water Pump?

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Today’s question is, “Can you buy a solar water pump?” So, in the past when trying to buy a solar water pump it was locked down by the large manufacturing companies. The big manufacturers would manufacture the pump, then they would sell it to what’s called a master distributor; that was regional throughout the United States and throughout the world.

From the regional distributors, it went down to a local distributor and sometimes that local distributor was an installer, but sometimes it was just another distribution level below the master distributor. From there, it went from the local distributor to the end installer.

The problem with that model is, at each step of the way, each of those distributors is marking up the pump anywhere from 30% to 50% with a final markup at the end of usually 100% by the installer. We get it, installers need to make a living too! What we’ve done at RPS Solar Pumps though is, we brought the entire distribution chain straight to the end consumer so you can buy the system straight from us.

We’re going to ship it right to your door with no middleman markups. Once you get that system, you can install yourself, saving thousands of dollars. Just the other day, we saw a quote from an installer that was $13,000 installed. We were able to get them an even better system for only $4,000, saving around $9,000 because they’re willing to install themselves. Now more than ever, it’s easier to buy a solar pump online or over the phone at 888-637-4493. Get it delivered straight to your door and install yourself in only a matter of days.

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