Can I Mount My Solar Panels On A Windmill?

Today’s question is, “Can I mount my solar panels to an old windmill?”

So, all of our systems come either with or without solar panel mounting. So if you prefer, you could make your own mount on the side of the windmill. We love seeing all our customer photos! They come up with really creative ideas.

We understand first-hand the nostalgic value of tall wooden windmills, and we know you may not necessarily want to get rid of yours once you replace it with a solar well pump. No worries! A sturdy windmill can actually provide a solid mount for your solar panels. Some customers have welded or carpentered panel mounting systems to fit on their windmill supports. See photos from our windmill-loving customers below.

If you prefer not to build your own, then you can also get the kit with a Top of Pole solar panel mount included. We also sell Scalable Ground Mounting for larger solar arrays.

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