Solar + Battery Powered Shipping Container Tour |Off Grid Tiny Home, Office, Farm Storage| 20 & 40ft


Off-grid shipping containers are quickly becoming a popular solution for those seeking self-sufficient living or extra storage. The team at RPS developed this unit after years of testing the solar panels, batteries and inverters for our own company offices. The Instant Off-Grid™ Shipping Container provides an all-in-one solar powered off-grid unit with a battery bank that can power instantly for almost any kind of appliance. 

The Instant Off-Grid™ solar shipping container is available in three sizes to accommodate different needs…

Option 1: BYOC(Bring your own container). Bring your own container,  RPS supplies a retrofit kit for outfitting with the solar, mounting, batteries and parts.

Option 2: Quick Deploy Power Station: RPS provides the container, solar, mounting, batteries, minisplit and parts. We pre-wire everything and pre-weld all of the roof mounting connections. Perfect for ranch storage! Ready to operate in 3-4 hours!

Option 3: Move in Ready: A COMPLETE SET UP!  RPS provides the container, solar, mounting, batteries, minisplit and parts. We pre-wire everything, install insulation, drywall and finished walls, custom flooring and pre-weld all of the roof mounting connections. PLUS  included are fully framed windows, insulation and a door. Even more customizable options as well!

If you prefer a turnkey solution, the Move In Ready unit would be the best choice. It also includes the option to hook up a generator or AC backup, and a 5 kW lithium-iron battery. 

These off-grid shipping containers can be transformed into tiny homes, offices, tack rooms, or hunting cabins. Also perfect for anyone who needs additional storage, and climate control the contents. One of the great things about these containers is that they offer available power, whether you use it inside or outside the container for other projects.

One of the unique features that we don’t see anyone else on the soalr inverter market doing, is including a the split-phase inverter, which offers both 120-volt and 240-volt lines for powering larger appliances like air compressors. Usually you’re only limited to one power line or the other. The system also includes a DC disconnect for safety, and a breaker panel that runs two circuits, branched out to four individual circuits.

The solar shipping container comes with three electrical outlets inside, and an outdoor socket. There’s even a 240-volt type plug that’s commonly used on generators and other items. With the included lithium-iron battery, you can power internal refrigerators, microwaves, and everyday items needed for an office or tiny home.

For those working on construction sites or farms, the external plugs make it easy to power tools and equipment. Take a look at the video to watch Mike start up a power tool without any hesitation from the batteries or inverter – meaning it can handle multiple power loads at a time without overburdening the equipment.   
Overall, the Instant Off-Grid™ shipping container is a versatile solution for anyone looking for off-grid living, extra storage, or a portable workspace. Want to know which container option is right for you?

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