Solar Fountain Pump Unboxing | RPS F1600 Fountain Series Solar Pump

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Today we’re going to be unboxing and taking a look at all the components inside of the Fountain Series F1600 Tri-Power Pump Kit. Along with your eight 100 watt panels, you’ll have three boxes.

We’ll start by opening the pump box. All of the boxes in this kit are okay to be opened with a blade, just be sure not to cut too deep. Your pump will be tightly wrapped in protective material. You can cut this material away, just ensure you keep your blade far away from the pump wire.

Next, we will be opening your accessories box. In here, you’ll find everything you need, minus the float, to get your pump ready for the water. In this box, you have your 18 page full color installation manual, and 100 feet of yellow poly rope for either anchoring your pump or tethering it to the shore.

Next, you have 20 feet of solar wire. This will be used to connect your solar panels to your DC Disconnect Switch. Your kit will also include all the splicing and crimping material and some thread tape (teflon tape). With each kit, we include the PVC plumbing that comes out of the top of the pump and two fountain heads. Each fountain head will create a different aesthetic. You can freely choose the one that is right for your pond.

Fountain Head Options: (Both Included)

Finally, we have the DC disconnect that will connect your pump and panels together. The last piece you have is the float that the pump and the fountain head will sit in. In addition to everything pictured here, you will also receive 16 – 100 watt solar panels, which we’ve shown off in depth in previous videos.

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