Cattle Ranch Artesian Well

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“An Artesian Well in Sonoma County”

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We take a visit to a Sonoma county cattle ranch with an artesian well and a 1600 watt solar array powering an RPS submersible pump. The water is pumped about 2000 yards with 30ft of elevation to a stock tank for cattle watering.

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Mike with RPS solar pumps here. Today I’m going to give you an overview of one of my favorite systems we help support about two years ago to get set up here out in Sonoma County. It’s an artesian well, so if you look over on the right here this is where they came out they drilled about a 10-inch diameter well and when they were done they hit a natural spring area with positive pressure. So what that is doing here is it’s pushing water out of the ground. And so as you can see, they’re getting anywhere from like four to eight gallons a minute flowing out of the wellhead here. It flows down around the area and then if you look over there, there is a pond that it feeds into. So this is a cattle ranch, as you can see there’s a bunch of cows behind me and what they wanted to do was pump the water way up on top of that hill over there about three-quarters of a mile and there’s about thirty foot elevation gain. So off of that tank there, they are drawing off at various points water in order to fill up livestock tanks. The system is powered here from 1600 watts of solar panels. We have the solar panel running into our controller which you can’t see which is back behind mounted underneath the array that help keeps it out of the sunlight, out of the wind, out of the rain, then down below we have some conduit about a couple inches underground running over here up to the wellhead. So down on that wellhead, we have one of our RPS solar pumps. It’s running at about seven hundred, eight hundred watts. That’s around a one horsepower motor and it pumps out of that two-inch pipe and then it pumps all the way up a couple thousand yards up on top of the hill and into that five thousand gallon black storage tank you see up on the hill. Then, along the way it’s kind of hard to see, but they branched out from that main pipe to various livestock tanks and troughs along the way to water the cows here. So it’s been about two years since we helped set this system up and get them up and pumping. Nothing but great feedback from them. It’s really changed the way they can water out here, the amount of cows they can keep on this property, and the amount of different pastures where they can move the cows during various seasons and still have water for them, all off of one well one solar pump in one tank. So if you’re thinking about doing something like this, check us out at we’re here to help you size your system, plan it, and get it set up for your watering needs whether it’s livestock, household usage, irrigation, whatever you can think of we’re here to help.

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