5 Horsepower Solar Well Pump For 2.5M Gallon Pond on Wade Coffey’s Ranch


Is it possible to move 100GPM with a 5 horsepower Solar well pump?

Water is a precious resource in California, and many farmers are looking for ways to keep it on their properties for irrigation and cattle. For Wade Coffey, the solution was solar pumping. Fuel prices made running a generator or traditional pump unfeasible, so he turned to solar pumps after seeing smaller versions used in agricultural fields. Wade had his reservations, when he initially contacted the RPS team he asked if it’s even possible to power a 5 HP solar well pump? Can solar even move that much water?

Coffee wanted a pump that could move more than just a few gallons per minute. With the help of our Pro 5000V high volume 5 horsepower solar submersible well pump, he was able to self-install a solar pump system that could move 50-100 gallons of water a minute from a well on his property. The pump not only filled the pond on his property but also an 18,000-gallon water holding tank for fire prevention and livestock watering.

The solar array for the pump is located 900 feet up the nearest hill, and its location was chosen for maximum southern exposure to the sun. This ensured that the pump always worked as long as the sun was shining, even under overcast conditions. Wade never had to pay for the power company to run a line out to the pond, which would have been prohibitively expensive for him, and doesn’t have any maintenance costs associated with the new solar pump. These days, a one and done bill for energy stands in stark contrast to the price of powering a gasoline, diesel, or propane-powered pump, which have daily operating costs. 

Coffey’s Coffee Cattle Company is a farm-to-fork beef distributor that raises hormone-free, grass-fed cattle. With the solar pump in place, they can bring their cattle back to the property, ensuring that families eating their beef know exactly where it came from. The solar pump has not only made it possible to sustain the property but also has allowed for future expansion, including a sandy beach for kids to play and swim, camping areas for friends and family, and even a small chapel for wedding venues.

Solar pumping has made it possible for Wade Coffey to put the sun to work and ensure a sustainable water source for his property. The long-term benefits, including zero ongoing costs, make it a worthwhile investment for any farmer looking to keep their water and cattle on their property.

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