Brians’ 95 GPM Gridless Sump Pump in North Dakota

“Our RPS system we purchased for field drain tile. Works great and easy to set-up”- Brian, ND

Grid-Free Draining of a Field Tile  

This customer called RPS after becoming tired of using a gas powered generator before to pump out his farms field. RPS got one of our Solar Pump Specialists to consult on  this project. The customer described his setup, a small area with a drain tile outlet station, 10 feet deep, that has an AC sump pump dropped at the bottom. The sump pump he wanted to replace was capable of producing 100 gallons per minute water flow, and he asked for flow match from a solar pump. Water didn’t have to travel far from the tile, so all we really had to size him for was 10 feet of head and as close to 100 GPM as possible.

RPS carries a few dewatering options that the Solar Pump Specialist went over with this customer…

#1) Pro Dewatering Pump

Awesomely powerful grinder/dewatering/sump pump available up to 5 HP, 400 GPM.  A little bit more pump than the customer needed, plus he wanted the option of batteries for nighttime pumping and only the GLS Sumps carry the option to add batteries….

#2) GLS Sump – 30

Great for higher head applications up to 120 feet, but could only produce 35 GPM max. Not quite right so we’re left with….

#3) GLS Sump – 90

Perfect fit! The GLS-90 matches low to mid head applications of up to 90 feet, providing up to 90-95 gallons per minute, and comes with battery compatibility.

Then the Solar Pump Specialist made a recommendation for the number of panels and batteries to pair with the GLS-90 dependent on how many hours of pumping were needed per day. The customer required intermittent pumping for 1-2 hours per day, falling into the 4 battery and 4 panel option (GLS-90 4+4B). Gridless Sump pump kits are expandable, more batteries and panels can be added down the road as needs change!  Check out the below pictures, you can count four 55 Ah 12V batteries, wired positive to negative to for a 48V array.

Protecting Batteries and Controller 

Field tile draining projects sometimes present a challenge when protecting the more sensitive parts of solar pump systems because everything is exposed to the elements! This customer did a great job, placing the controller and wires away from dust and insects, and placing batteries in a more climate controlled box. We recommend building a small pump house to protect electronics and or at least some battery rated boxes for freezing climates. Add some insulation for even better results. Animals love to chew on wires, if you’re especially concerned install some conduit or pipe around the wires.

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