David’s Backup to an AC Pump


“David’s Backup to an AC Pump”


RPS 400

AC Grid / Generator Accessory

Rural Living

We’re out on 5.5 acres and moved here when we retired in 2007 to build our house. The property was nothing but trees and brush when we started. I love chickens, you know having chickens around and we’ve got turkeys as well, and we like having them here because they’re a good source of protein and we can raise them for freezer food. We also have a garden, a big garden, so we need water. We’re always wondering if we lose power long enough what will happen? So I decided to get a solar water pump because that doesn’t require electricity from the power company.

Install Experience

When we started I was advised by RPS that the size that I put in was the proper size and it is, we like that aspect of it. The installation went real well other than one issue. We did a trial run, the trial run didn’t work too good since the panels were in 24V and they needed to be in 48V, we had to set up the panels in series rather than in parallel. Got it installed with our electric pump, and with our electric pump should I lose that pump or should I lose electricity, I have this solar backup. I’ll tell you what it’s a sense of security and I really enjoy that.

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