How do I convert my electric water pump to solar?


Converting your current AC electric water pump to solar is actually an easier process than it sounds! The first step is identifying what kind of conversion kit is right for you. When you call into RPS we’ll ask you a few questions first…
1) What is the HP of your AC water pump?
2) How old is your water pump?
3) how many wires does the pump use? 2 hots + ground or 3 hots + ground?
4) Is you pump single phase or three phase?
5) Would you like batteries with the system? (Watersecure)
6) Do you want to possibly run other electronics, like fridges / lighting / internet etc? (Watersecure)
7) Is your electric water pump 110V or 220V?

Will I have to hire someone to pull the pump out of the well?
NO! All of the changes will happen above ground, some wire connections changed, you won’t have to touch anything below ground. Saves you the headache and some money!

What are my options?
RPS carries two different kits to convert your electric water pump over to solar. The first is the aptly named “Conversion Kit” , The RPS 220V-to-Solar Conversion Kit allows for the powering with solar any existing 220V 3-Wire Single Phase motor OR Three Phase motor. Works with both surface pumps and submersible pump as long as they are 220V AC.

The second is the Watersecure. The WaterSecure™ system allows for the running of a new or previously installed 110v or 220v Single Phase on a solar charged battery bank. Plus, power household appliances like internet routers, coffee makers, lights, TV’s, home health equipment, fans, fridges, freezers, laundry machines and AC units.

How the HP of the pump effects system sizing
The higher the HP of an electric water pump, you’ll typically need more solar panels and a larger inverter. An inverter takes power from incoming DC voltage and turns the power into AC voltage. If the water pump uses AC power, then an inverter is required if you want to run the water pump using solar power (DC). Usually that inverter will also allow a backup source of power, like AC Grid or generator power, to be plugged in when solar is not available.

RPS can convert three phase electric water pumps up to 5 HP. The 3 HP and 5 HP models MUST be 3 phase. RPS can convert single phase electric water pumps up to 2 HP.

How the Age of the pump effects system sizing
older electric water pumps pull greater power than a newer, younger pump. Our team has to take age into consideration, potentially adding a few more solar panels onto the system to offset the less efficient pump.

How many wires does your pump use?
3-Wire pumps have a ground also, so it will be 4 wires going down your well. You’ll usually find a starting capacitor box above ground in between the motor and utility power) that will have 4 wires leaving towards the pump. Pumps that connect directly to a breaker and have only 2 wires plus ground wire can still be powered by WaterSecure units or a Solar Trailer. Many customers also choose to convert this older technology over to a more modern system with a full RPS Pro Series kit with solar panels, controller and pump/motor combination!

What’s the difference between single phase and three phase pumps?
Single phase pumps are less efficient than three phase pumps, again requiring a few more panels to offset power needs.

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