Submersible Pump to Sediment Tank with Booster for Household Water


With a direct drive solar pump, keep a tank full with water from your well ready for irrigation day or night. In this example, we integrate a sediment tank (C) gravity feeding into a secondary tank. A float switch (A) shuts pumping down once the clean water tank becomes full. If you don’t have elevation on your property sufficient for household pressure (80’ to 100’) you can use the popular solar charged-battery system called the Tankless Pressure Pump™ to pressurize water from the tank to home, even when the sun isn’t shining. The Tankless Pressure Pump™ (B) provides up to 45 PSi/ 25 GPM. For irrigation purposes, it can also be programmed for daily watering or combined with an irrigation timer/valves for more advanced watering cycles, compatible with both drip lines and sprinklers.

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