Hey I’m Kayla, RPS Customer Service Manager

Biggest impact a solar pump has made on a customer’s life

Every system RPS and our customers send out into the world has a huge impact! There is nothing like putting the proper tools in someone’s hands to install these systems themselves. That is something to be truly proud of- that our customers can get water to their off-grid homes for themselves and their families with their own two hands.

What’s so special about working at RPS Solar Pumps?

All of us here at RPS share the same passion: helping people. It’s such a remarkable experience to work around such driven, zealous individuals.

Favorite customer story?

I built up a great rapport with an off-grid couple; they had some shipping issues with their rural address, and we worked together to get the system delivered to their front door! Seeing the video of them getting water for the first time was so exciting. They told me that they wouldn’t just consider RPS a business, but a friend, and that meant the world to me. They still email me and check up on me!

Any good install photos you’ve seen recently?

Nothing like a cow picture! And one of our customers in my old stomping grounds of NC.

What type of solar water pump projects do you like to work on most?

I love working on livestock projects because then I get some pictures of the animals. 🙂 But another reason is because I love our rancher customers! They’ve got incredible stories to tell!

Any hobbies outside of work?

On my off time, I love hiking, playing with my 4 dogs, camping, and working on my new homestead property. I’m a beginner, so when you’re chatting with me and have any homestead tips, let me know!

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