Featured Customer Installation: Solar Well Pump for Livestock

RPS1.8-80 Solar Well Pump System InstalledI recently traveled to central California to deliver an RPS2.1-100 solar well pump and checkout a customer’s setup.  This would be the second RPS solar well pump system purchased by the customer.  I was going to be in the area anyways and offered to drop of the system, plus he had told me about his install and I really wanted to take a look at it firsthand.

A picture of the RPS1.8-80 installation is shown at right.  It is a very professional looking installation, especially the solar panel mounting setup.

The solar pump draws water from about 75 feet deep in the well.  From the wellhead, the water travels about 1700 feet horizontally and another 15 feet vertically, into a 2500 gallon storage tank.

The storage tank feeds into 4 livestock troughs for his cows and horses. When the storage tank is full, it diverts the water flow to a pond to help keep it full.  All in all, the solar pump delivers water to at least 50 head of cattle, with over 2000 gallons of water pumped per day.

I am very impressed with the setup.  It is well thought out and a very professional looking installation.  Without a large amount of electrical experience and no solar well pump experience, the customer was able to install everything himself.

He is so happy with the system he purchased a second larger unit, the RPS2.1-100 for another well on his property.  This one will act as a backup to the first system and will help keep his pond full.

We have hundreds of happy customers across America (and recently one in South America).  Please contact us if you would like to share your well pump story, and make sure to send plenty of pictures.

If you are interested in setting up a similar system, checkout our line of solar well pumps here.  Also, feel free to contact us at 1-888-637-4493.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    I can see how having a solar well pump would be useful for livestock. Being outside all the time I would imagine that it would save money on running the pump. I wonder if most companies that install pumps do solar ones?

    1. Some installers do, and some don’t. Several installers we work with originally thought solar pumps would be too difficult to install, or costly since it involves solar. After a quick discussion they relalise how easy, low cost and reliability our systems are. For installers, solar well pumps are a great way to expand their business and set themselves apart from other installers. We offer complete kits to take the guesswork out!

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