Floating Your RPS Solar Pump in a Pond or Spring

Mounting your Solar Pump Horizontally

Using a pond, lake or spring as a water source is common with RPS solar pump customers. While pumps can be installed and floated vertically as well, sometimes in shallower springs, ponds or spring boxes, it makes more sense to mount your pump horizontally. Your solar pump can often sit on the bottom safely, but many find the water to be clearer on the surface so floating the pump can be ideal. If the water source’s level fluctuates significantly, you’ll still want to protect the pump from running dry. You can use your low water sensor for this. It will be underwater when the pump is submerged and in the air when the water is gone. Zipties are most common for this, fastening it just above the pump.

Venturi Nozzle for Pond Aeration

Fountains and venturi nozzles are great for adding oxygen to your water. Oxygen is healthy for the ecosystem, prevents algae growth, promoted fish health etc. You can setup your solar pump as shown below with a simple PVC venturi nozzle and keep water circulating and aerating all day long!

Mounting your Solar Pump Vertically

The second pump in the center of the diagram illustrates a simple install to create a fountain for aeration. This action of drawing water from the bottom of the pond creates a nice upswell to circulate the water in the pond (B). We recommend using centrifugal  pumps for these applications as they are designed to move large volumes of water meaning fuller ponds, less algae and more healthy wildlife. Check our Fountain Pump options. 

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