What is a pure sine inverter?

A pure sine wave inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) power from a battery or other DC power source into high-quality alternating current (AC) power similar to the power you get from a standard electrical outlet in your home.

These inverters provide a smooth and continuous waveform that swings up and down in a perfectly symmetrical pattern. This mimics the sine wave pattern of the AC power supplied by your local utility company.

What’s the difference between ‘pure sine’ and ‘modified sine’?

The most significant difference between pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters is the waveform they produce. Pure sine wave inverters have a smooth, sinusoidal waveform similar to the waveform of the electricity the power grid provides. Modified sine wave inverters produce a stepped waveform that is not as smooth as the pure sine wave.

How does ‘pure sine’ affect compatibility with electronics?

Pure sine wave inverters are compatible with all electronic devices such as computers, medical devices and appliances. A pure sine wave is the most optimal waveform for powering electronic equipment. It eliminates the risk of damage or interference that modified sine wave inverters may cause. Motors, like those found in submersible water pumps also run best on “pure sine” waves as they rely upon the 60 cycles per second for correct timing.

Modified sine wave inverters are suitable for powering less sensitive devices, such as power tools, refrigerators, and lights. Powering your solar pump with a modified sine wave inverter can cause a decrease in efficiency, rough starts and stops and the motor wearing out or burning up.

Pure Sine Inverters are more efficient

Pure sine wave inverters are more efficient than modified sine wave inverters since they convert DC power to AC power with little to no loss of power. Modified sine wave inverters have a lower conversion efficiency and may lose up to 20% of the power in the conversion process.

Does Modified Sine create noise and overheating?

Pure sine wave inverters produce less noise and heat than modified sine wave inverters. This is because a pure sine wave is a smooth waveform that does not generate as much electromagnetic interference as the stepped waveform produced by modified sine wave inverters. Unfortunately, the heat generated by modified sine wave inverters can damage electronic devices and reduce their lifespan.

Solar Panel Compatibility

Pure sine wave inverters are compatible with all solar panels and are the preferred choice for solar-powered systems. That’s why our WaterSecure Inverters and our Pro Series Inverters use pure sine and make sure your solar pump’s motor lasts a long time with no interference or overheating.

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