Sizing is based on your well and the amount of water you use daily.

Use the charts below or the sizing wizard here.

RPS 200

RPS 400

RPS 800

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Our engineers are always here if you’d like to verify you’ve got the right pump selected!

Our Pledges to You

Dear Customers,

In an effort to shape the way our company does business, our mission statement includes a series of pledges to you, our customers.

We pledge to give you the power! Controlling your own ability to pump water out of the ground, whether in the field or at home, allows you to be more resilient. Freeing your water source from the grid is a major step towards self-sufficiency. You just bring the DIY spirit! Our engineers will be on the other end to offer specialized knowledge and answer questions, so you can install our solar pumps confidently and gain total control over your water supply.

We pledge to be a company our grandfathers would have trusted. The all-too-common practice of outsourcing customer support after the sale is one we wholeheartedly oppose. We are an American, family-run company and our USA engineers, who will support you before and after the sale, are the best in the industry. We gain most of our business from word-of-mouth as a result of treating customers with respect and standing by our products.

No Pressure. Ever. Our sales team is not on commission — we think this is important.
Their role is to match you with the right pump for your well. If we don’t have a pump that will suit your needs, we’ll help you find a solution elsewhere. Our job is to help get you water, not sell you something that isn’t a good fit.

We pledge to bring you reliable water! All manufactured products have occasional issues and we can’t claim to be perfect. Well water varies in pH, iron level, and sand content. With that said, we are extremely proud of our 100% track record in getting our customers water. That’s right, every single one of our customers is now successfully pumping water with an RPS system. This starts with making sure we supply you with the right pump for your land, and if issues do arise, we will immediately provide technical support and replacement parts so you can get up and pumping again as quickly as possible.

The RPS Family

Compare RPS with the Competition

RPS is for people who appreciate quality. For people who don’t want to leave their home or cattle without water. For people who don’t want to haul up and replace their well pumps every 6 months. For people who like to trust in their equipment – in steel, not plastic. As more and more manufacturers are cutting corners, RPS remains rock solid, designed to aerospace standards with food grade stainless steel. RPS offers quality you can trust for years and years to come.

Pump Features RPS Other Kits
Brushless motor – more pumping & longer life Y Sometimes
No plastic parts Y N
Pumps capable of 10,000 gallons per day Y N
Estimated lifespan 30,000 hours Ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 hours
Full stainless steel jacket Y N
All food grade metal Y N
Controller Features Beware, some systems come

without a controller

MPPT optimization for more daily pumping Y N
Allow for optional battery hookup Y N
Low water sensor ports to prevent running dry Y N
High water sensor ports Y N
Compatible with pressure tanks with pressure shutoff Y N
Dial (1 to 10) to adjust daily pump rate Y N
Doubles as a charge controller to keep batteries topped off Y N
Waterproof box Y Sometimes
Solar Panel Features
25 year guaranteed output Y Y
Designed specifically for well pumps Y N
Includes all connectors Y Sometimes
Kit Features
Lifetime Free Rotor Replacement Policy Y No way
Low water sensor Y No +$125
Float sensor and shield for tank Y No +$50
Underwater splicing heatshrink sleaves Y N
100 ft Sensor wire Y (2x) N
50 ft Safety rope N N
Overall Features
Design & Manufacture of all main components Y N
Comprehensive Warranty 2 years 2 years
Satisfaction Guarantee 30 days None
24/7 Friendly customer support line Y N
Real Time Phone Assist during installation (upon request!) Y N

Lifetime Rotor Replacement Guarantee


Our brushless motors are designed to last for decades without maintenance. These motors (at the bottom of the pump) turn a stainless steel helical rotor inside a rubber-lined stator. Helical rotors are incredible for utilizing low power, so it makes them perfect for solar use. But these rotors are inherently the weakest point of the entire system, just like all helical pumps, especially in sand or iron-rich soil.

With RPS you won’t ever have to mail your pump off to get a factory rebuild; you can easily replace the rotor yourself on-site and save time and money. No need to cut wires either, just open up the upper pump end, swap in a new rotor, and your pump will operate like new.

Our Replacement Guarantee Policy means that we will replace these rotors whenever they wear out for the lifetime of your pump’s motor. If you start to see a decrease in productivity from your well over the next few years, let us know. Each kit comes equipped with a backup rotor already, but if you need that one, we will mail off another to replace it and keep you equipped with a spare at all times.

Talk with one of our friendly engineers and learn why more ranchers and farmers trust RPS Solar Pumps. ✆ 888-637-4493


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RPS 200 RPS 400 RPS 600 RPS 800
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Centrifugal Pump Kits

RPS 400V RPS 800V RPS Pro V Series RPS Pro D Series
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